Best TIG Welders For Roll Cages 2022

(Last Updated On: June 7, 2022)

TIG welding is one of the best choice for welding a roll cage. It is actually the type of welding that is sanctioned and required for the construction of Chromoly roll cages in the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) case. Then how is it that TIG welds a roll cage?

TIG welding is the metalworking technique recommended for the safety of roll cages, and it is a prerequisite in many competitive circles. TIG welding is not needed for all roll cages. Still, TIG welding is often required as part of a safety norm to construct competition vehicles for those used on vehicles engaged in competitive sports.

This is because TIG welding is a better weld, more precise than MIG welding, and Chromoly is a safer option. A broader temperature fluctuation requires MIG welding, while TIG welding maintains an even temperature in the weld. The prevalent metal used in roll cages, Chromoly, breaks as it undergoes significant temperature changes. Since roll cages have to withstand heavy impacts to protect the driver inside them, a major safety problem is the danger of breaking.

Here are the Best TIG Welders For Roll Cages Analysis that will assist you with sheet metal TIG welders’ pros and cons to understand every aspect. You can easily choose the perfect one according to the specifications after learning about each gain and disadvantages.

Best TIG Welders For Roll Cages (Comparison)

TIG WelderAmps 
PrimeWeld TIG225X225 A

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YesWelder TIG-205DS205 A

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PrimeWeld TIG225X

PrimeWeld TIG225X

The 225 Amp IGBT AC DC TIG/Stick Welder PrimeWeld TIG225X is built for modern welders. It is acceptable for both experienced welders and hobby welders.

It is possible to use this versatile AC/DC TIG welder for several welding projects. It has IGBT technology that gives it an advantage over simple welding machines based on transformers. Because of its flexibility and useful features, it has gained a broad following among welders. It comes with a 3-year guarantee that gives you confidence during the warranty period, the supplier can address the issue at any time. On all days of the week, you receive a comprehensive customer support service located in the USA and available. The PRIMEWELD TIG225X 225 Amp AC/DC TIG welder was carefully manufactured. Some welding systems are mostly made for hobbyists and have bare welding equipment.

Minimum Characteristics, Skilled grade welding machines are at the other end, providing many top features and costing thousands of dollars. It is very difficult to find a welding machine that is not very costly in the middle range and still provides the most critical characteristics you need when handling general welding projects. Now, you don’t need to think about the lack of a computer like that. If you’re looking for a welding machine in the middle range, the PRIMEWELD TIG225X 225 AC DC TIG/Stick Welder is suitable. It is a powerful and well-built TIG welder aluminum machine that uses the latest technology to provide the best performance. It comes with all the simple accessories you need to get started for TIG and stick welding ventures.


  • Acts with AC and DC on both
  • Provides options for both TIG and stick welding
  • Comes with modulation power (PWM) engineering
  • IGBT technology makes this computer extremely efficient.
  • Full-spectrum of AC cleaning control and pulse characteristics
  • Comes with Flexible Head Torch CK17
  • The accessories include the connector CK Dinse and the flexible tubing CK
  • Torch setup made by the USA
  • Active pedal made of metal for foot power


There are impressive specifications for the PrimeWeld 225X TIG Welder, making it ideal for a wide variety of welding applications. It is possible to set its AC balance from 10-90 percent of that. It’s possible to set the AC frequency between 40-200 Hz. You can switch between AC and DC by simply pressing the switch. Another similar switch offers the option of switching between TIG and MMA welding options. On the numeric digital monitor, the ampere is clearly defined. When the computer is running, it remains visible at all times. You can set the starting current from 10 to 225 Amp. You can set the upward slope range between 0-10 S. You may set the downwards slope between 0-25 S. Set its welding current between 10-225 Amp everywhere. The setting of the end current is about 10-225 Amp. You can select a 2-touch or 4-touch operation using the 2T/4T switch. The TIG225X 225 Amp IGBT AC DC TIG/Stick Welder offers you a few more options, unlike smaller and hobbyist welding equipment. You can further fine-tune the settings for correct and better welding outcomes within the current and slope settings. It is possible to set the base current between 5-95 percent. The frequency of the pulse begins at 10 and can be cranked up to 200 Hz. At 10, it can initiate the pulse duty and up to 90 percent taken. The flow of the post begins at 0 and can go up to 15 S.


The 110/220v TIG welder box has sufficient ventilation systems, so if you have loads of welding projects, you don’t have to worry about overheating. The appliances are stored in a heavy-duty case. It has a handle with a metal bar on top that helps you to shift it quickly. Its rubber feet hold it in place firmly. Connectors have been provided at one location for most of its wires, cables, and pipes. Each connector point is so you are unlikely to make any mistakes when attaching any wire or pipe. They should not attach a connector to a connector port that is not compatible, so you can never make any errors when connecting the cables and pipes. Any required accessories are included in the packaging. It has high-quality TIG torches, a foot pedal, a gas regulator, clips, cables for electrical connections, and other accessories.

Foot Pedal For Accurate Heat ManagementNot For Beginner Level Usage
HF Start Control Hand Torch
Excellent Customer Care





Under IGBT inverter technology to MOS technology, the 200 amp Portable TIG Welding System is produced to mitigate power fluctuations better. To offer reliable output, the inverter frequency is 100KHZ. It has a TIG welding thickness of 0.3 to 5.0mm and an electrode diameter of 2 to 3.2mm. Without any doubt, this 220V HITBOX TIG200A welding machine provides fast arc ignition, little spattering, stable current, and strong shaping.

Since it is capable of TIG welding, most metals such as refractory metal, easily oxidized metals, molybdenum, zirconium, titanium, aluminum, and alloys can be for most of the welding tasks and used.


The new adoption of IGBT inverter technology substantially reduces breakdown compared to MOS technology Simple arc ignition, a spattering of the litter, stable current, and excellent shaping 200 Amp IGBT Tig Stick Welder with Tig Torch, Earth Clamp, Gas Tube, and Electrode Holder. 0.3 – 5.0mm TIG Welding thickness, and electrode diameter (MM) application: 2-3.2mm; Inverter frequency up to 100KHZ, mature, reliable output of the technology.

ProgrammableJust One Preset Record
Retains The Last Configuration In Memory
Lightweight & Portable



YesWelder TIG-205DS

YesWelder TIG-205DS

YesWelder TIG-205DS is an economical TIG welder that can do the job for almost any DIY project, home, garage or light skilled TIG use. Let me explain briefly.

This computer is, first of all, a TIG high-frequency machine. This makes it instantly worth it, given its price, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves and look at all. HF is the best arc starting method for TIG welding, as you probably know, and it is reserved for mid-range and higher TIG machines.

The machine has a 15-200 amp amperage range, which is very good. It is not the best because it will require smaller amps than 15 for any TIG work with thin sheets, especially at the beginning of the arc, so keep that in mind. This automatically makes the machine not really adequate for high-quality pro use, but it is not intended for such a market anyway, considering its price.

The welder is extremely powerful, flexible, and portable. For individuals looking for an opportunity to learn, do DIY work, or for professionals who needs a cheap, reliable machine that can do most of the simple on-site work, this makes it a great starting TIG welder.


  • Processes: Stick TIG (GTAW) (SMAW).
  • Weldable materials: steel, aluminum, stainless steel
  • Input Electricity: 110/220 V, 60 Hz.
  • Step of Input: 1-Phase.
  • Present Type: DC.
  • Rated Output Power: 60 percent duty cycle TIG 200 A @.
  • Scale of Amperage: TIG 15 A to 205 A.
  • Weight: Lbs. 13
Good Value For PriceWelding DC TIG Only
Dual Voltage
Durable & Lightweight



Here are some methods on how this welding job can be done more effectively:

  • Fitting the roll cage: Instead of attempting to weld it to a bench and then attach it afterward, it is suggested that you weld the cage up in place on the car. This is the only way of ensuring that the roll cage suits properly.
  • For safety, tack the cage down. To ensure that the roll cage remains in place, tack welds at the corner of the roll cage connect to the vehicle to give it stability. The remainder of the roll cage can be welded more quickly after these tack welds are performed.
  • Vertical and upward welding: upward and vertical welding makes the weld pool easier to see and makes it easier to manipulate the TIG foot pedal when pushing the filler rod and torch simultaneously.
  • Check bead color/configuration: Before welding on a showpiece, it is a good idea to do a few test welds to make sure you are pleased with the look and color of the bead your filler rod makes.

Note: The bead’s color and look are determined by the heat application and the metal filler. As a result of too much heat or the chosen filler metal, hazing and discoloration may occur.

  • Holding torch and filler movement consistent: Keeping steady travel speed on both the filler metal and the torch at once is one of the most challenging things to understand about TIG welding. When you weld vertically, this issue is exacerbated, so doing some practice runs will help you get a sense of the weld and lead to a better result on the final run.
  • Hold the filler rod on the weld pool’s front edge: Keep the filler rod on the very outer front edge instead of dipping the filler metal into the middle of the weld pool, and then apply as much filler to the pool as the filler rod’s diameter. This will allow you to maintain weld control and stop both drips and contamination.



There is no doubt that TIG welding is much more difficult to master than MIG welding and that, overall, TIG welding machines are more costly. However, you will not look back once you discover the art of TIG welding. The good news is that most welders are multi-functional, so if you want to get started on TIG welding, all you have to do is purchase the correct accessories in most cases.



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