Best Wall Chasers For Electricians 2022

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2022)

Wall Chasers can help you to deal with the toughest jobs. It is a high-quality saw that can be useful in cutting all sorts of concrete and masonry. It can also carve out raceways for electrical wires, cables, and pipes for gas and water. The tools are expensive, but we’ve tried to review more-affordable options for casual users and people who doesn’t want to spend much. Here are the three Best Wall Chasers For Electricians that are available on the market right now.

Best Wall Chasers For Electricians (Comparison)

Wall ChaserCutting Depth 
Metabo MFE 40 60404062040 mm

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CS Unitec EMF 18060 mm

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JIAN YA NA CNC653835 mm

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Metabo MFE 40 604040620

Metabo MFE 40 604040620

If you own a diamond chaser or a dust extractor, you must be slightly taken a back because these tools can make your tasks hard to do. You will be glad to use a wall chaser because it is the perfect machine for electricians and can help them complete their jobs conveniently. The Metabo MFE 40 604040620 wall chaser comes equipped with a small angle grinder that is designed with a no dust extraction. The small SDS hammer inside the Metabo wall chasers is perfect to work efficiently. The Metabo Wall chaser is a perfect choice for all those looking for a high-quality machine with great features. All the professional electricians love this machine as it comes with such brilliant features. The wall chaser has a sturdy construction and can assure you a long service. The other machines used for similar purposes tend to create a lot more dust and are also unhealthy. They also slower the procedure and can also have an adverse impact on the walls. The Metabo wall chaser makes sure that the wall is protected and doesn’t cause any cracks on it.  Metabo wall chaser is a high performing tool that is used by professional electricians all over the world.


There is a wide variety of wall chasers available, but the model from Metabo is sold as a kit. It comes with a dust extractor, which means it is optimized. The machine doesn’t require you to use any adaptors, and it can handle the dust created by the chaser with ease. The low friction non-kink hose is 4 meters long. This can help you to get the chaser close to the ceiling and still do the rest of the operation in peace.

High Quality

The high-quality chaser by Metabo chaser and is well designed in most respects. It comes with plenty of power and is equipped with a 1700watt motor. The motor has a lot of power and can turn two or even three grooves during the operation. It can cut up to 40mm deep and can allow you to cut and drill into sturdy walls.


The motor is well designed and is capable of removing a lot of material quickly and efficiently. If there is dense concrete and you are making a single deep pass with the motor, you will not struggle to perform the task. The machine also comes with a highly efficient LED light on the side that can help to warn you of overload.

Easy Blade Change

The wall chaser by Metabo stands out from the competition because of the blade change feature. The blades can help you to make a single cut with a single blade and can also make a dual cut with two blades at a time. You can also fit the double blade or even a triple blade for fast processing and remove all the material in one go.


The tool comes with an efficient spacer that can adjust the cutter’s width to precisely the width of the plastic, and it wouldn’t need anything to hold it in the chase. You will be able to use Omega wall slot clips, conveniently pop the conduit, and also use the Soudal adhesive that is spotted on the back.

Good Value For MoneyLess Stable
High Quality Materials Used For Production




CS Unitec EMF 180

CS Unitec EMF 180

The CS Unitec EMF 180 wall Chaser comes with a variety of features and easily cuts two parallel grooves up to 1-13/16 inch (46mm) wide by 2-2/5 inch (60mm) deep. The machine allows you to enjoy a high-performance, and you can work for prolonged hours. It is perfect for professional use as it comes with 20-amp (2, 200-watt) motor. The motor is one of the most powerful and efficient motors offered by any brand in the market. The machine has a functional design, and it operates with the help of two parallel diamond blades. The diamond channels can help complete the procedure quickly and make milling a channel in concrete and masonry materials convenient. If you are new to using a diamond chaser, you should know that there is a travel direction you need to follow to operate it. The machine will allow you to work into the uncut chase to complete the operation. If you are using the machine horizontally, it will become easier for you to push than pull.


If you are looking to deal with a wide range of tasks, then CS Unitec EMF 180 7″ Diameter Diamond Blade Wall Chaser is ideal. This wall chaser model is ideal for laying of cable in all types of areas. It has a far reach and can help you to work even in the most complicated areas. The tool is also perfect if you are planning to work on a renovation site. It can help you do the piping in any walls as it can make deep cuts.


CS Unitec EMF 180 7″ Diameter Diamond Blade Wall Chaser can cut horizontally and vertically. It can help you to cut through walls that are made with hardened concrete. The cutting speed of the machine is phenomenal, and it wouldn’t disappoint you with its performance. The machine can cut two parallel grooves, and that can go up to 1-13/16″. It can also make wide cuts that are (46mm) wide and are 2-2/5″ (60mm) deep.

Cutting Depth

The wall chaser is easy to use and can be used well by a beginner as well. It has a good cutting depth and can help you install pipes and wires deeply into the ground and walls. The cutting depth of the tool is adjustable, and you wouldn’t need a tool to operate the machine and make deep cuts.

Powerful Motor

CS Unitec EMF 180 7″ Diameter Diamond Blade Wall Chaser comes equipped with a powerful 20 amp motor. The motor can help you to work efficiently and operate the machine most efficiently. The motor has a great starting capacity and can start quickly, even the cold weather conditions.


The wall chaser is efficient and can help you to complete your tasks in the most efficient way. It comes equipped with a closed hood and can help you to drill the wires and pipes quickly. The tool has features that can allow optimal airflow and remove all the dirt and debris from the walls. The tool can help you quickly remove the fragments, and with the help of CS Unitec EMF 180 7″ Diameter Diamond Blade Wall Chaser, you will cleanly complete your tasks.

Adjustable Cutting DepthNo Automatic Grooving
Easy Removal Of Fragments
Parallel Grips With Secure Handling






JIAN YA NA CNC6538 wall groove cutting machine is powerful equipment that comes packed with a fast and automatic grooving wall tank. It is suitable for a one-time molding and can a lot of time and effort. The wall chases can be cut and cleaned quite quickly, and you will not need any auxiliary tools or another process for it. The groove depth and the cutting process can be controlled randomly too. The best thing about the groove depth is that they can be adjusted according to the user’s requirements. The weight of the groove cutting machine is 4.5 kg, and it can deliver 220V for completing the process of wall chaser cutting. If you set an angle of 90 degrees, it can also be cut. The handling of the machine is quite natural because the design is safe and ergonomically optimum and humanized. There is an electric leakage protector which will prevent the user from getting into an accident. Even though the operation is secure and safe, you should keep your safety in mind. The dustproof glasses and mask will be the right choice and can save you from potential accidents. If you install a vacuum cleaner inside, it will prevent the body from any damage. The red brick, sand bricks, regular bricks, and water bricks can be handled very well, and even if the wall is covered by cement, it can be cleaned well. The groove cutting machine is a perfect choice for electricians, plumbers, and contractors.

Built In Cooling

The JIAN YA NA wall groove cutting machine has a maximum width of 40 mm while the maximum depth is 45mm. The vacuum suction nozzle is 360 degrees, but it can rotate into different angles while handling different operations. The built-in cooling system makes sure that the machines don’t heat up and protects the user from getting into an accident. The maximum slot width happens to be 40mm, while the idling speed will be 6500RPM, which is massive. The machine can deliver an overall power of 4000Watts.

Self Locking Power Switch

The groove cutting machine is versatile and durable, while the power-packed features offer convenience and comfort. The self-locking power switch is a powerful feature that is not usually found in the other machines. In case an unexpected jam occurs, you can switch the power off and unplug it from the socket. The diameter of the saw blade is 125mm, while the cutting depth is 35mm. Five total saw blades can be used for different materials of the wall.

Rated Voltage

The rated voltage of this groove cutting machine is 220V/50Hz.The machine’s construction is done with a sturdy magnesium alloy head shell, and it will not rust even after continuous use. The power is as high as 4000W, and it can handle the variety of sturdy and thick materials. You have to keep in mind that if you are cutting a vertical groove, the head of the machine should be facing downwards. If the motor goes into water or comes in contact with it, there can be burnout or leakage. The vacuum suction nozzle is 360 degree wide and doesn’t contain any dead ends.


The groove cutting machine is ideal for contractors, electricians, and plumbers, as it makes their work very easy. It is a suitable choice for cleaning and quick cutting of wall chases. The groove depth can be set at different angles, and the results will be perfect and precise. The red, water, sand, and other bricks can be taken care of very well. Different materials on a construction site can also be handled well when the users have this industrial-grade machine. The overall weight of the machine is 4.5 kg, and you can take it anywhere with you.

Safe To Use

The cutting machine will give smooth operation and is safe to use. There will be no electric leakage as the protector will work well to ensure the user’s safety. The handles are light, and the slot’s width is easy to adjust according to the requirements of your work. The machine has multi-functional features, and the best thing is that it can adapt to different materials very well.

Dust-free & SlottedMotor Could Be Made Better
Lightweight Design



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