Best Wall Mounted Dust Collectors 2022

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2022)

The biggest problem that workmen face is the issue of dust and dirt. The workmen, especially the carpenters, often find it hard to collect dust. The manual method of collecting dust can be tough and exhausting, so the best way to make this task easier is to get a dust collector. The dust collectors installed on the walls are more comfortable to use, making the dust collection process easy and convenient. If you are looking for the best wall mounted dust collectors for your workshop, then you are in the right place. In this post, we will be reviewing three of the Best Wall Mounted Dust Collectors for you that will make the dust collection a breeze for you.

Best Wall Mounted Dust Collectors (Comparison)

Dust CollectorMotor 

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Shop Fox W18261 HP

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RIKON 60-1051 HP

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POWERTEC DC5370 is a proficient and powerful tool that can help you to clean your dust effectively. The machine comes with a functional design and will help you to accomplish your task fast and quick. The dust prone areas can be cleaned efficiently with the help of a POWERTEC dust collector. The tool can help to clean the environment with perfection and can save you from the health risks. The machine comes packed with many power-packed features, which makes the process a lot easier than the manual cleaning method. The dust collectors that are mounted on the walls are easy to use and can clean the workshop conveniently. You don’t have to hold the POWERTEC dust collector in your hands, and it can clean the dust efficiently without much hassle. It comes with a spacious filter bag that can help to collect the dust and dirt. The dust collection process is secure and can make it possible for you to remove the dust from the filter bag efficiently. The machine has a variable speed adjustment and can help you control the engine’s speed efficiently. The device will be controlled according to your preference and will work efficiently to clean the space. The machine comes with some of the best safety features, and it is easy to handle the woodworking machine. If you are looking for a high-quality wall mounted dust collector, then the POWERTEC wall mounted dust collector can be the best option for you.

Easy To Use

The POWERTEC wall mounted dust collector offers hassle-free mobility and can clean the pollutants and dirt quickly. The compact machine is easy to use and can help clean the dust with perfection. The device comes with a detailed and easy to understand manual that can help to use the tool efficiently.


The wall-mounted dust collector can be easily attached to another machine and can efficiently clean the dust and debris. The machine is compatible with any dust collector hose, and you can directly connect it to the device and do the cleaning process efficiently. The tool allows you to clean the dust from your workroom like never before efficiently.

Mounting Versatility

The machine comes with a mounting bracket that can help you to install the dust collector to the wall. The bolt locking system can connect the device to the wall efficiently. The device can be connected to walls and workbenches easily. You can even install it on the floor and start the cleaning process without any hassle.

Safety Switch

The machine comes with easy to use safety features. The security on/off switch will help you to control the device with efficiency. You can turn the device on and off using the on/off buttons. This will help to prevent unauthorized use of the POWERTEC dust collector. You can remove the switch key, and locking the switch off is not a big issue. You can switch it off when the machine is not in use.

Versatile MountingLoud
Safety SwitchBag Clamp Is Made With Poor Quality Material
Dust Collector Bag Is Reusable



Shop Fox W1826

Shop Fox W1826

SHOP FOX is a well-known brand that has made some of the best dust collectors. The brand promises to deliver products that are of high quality and durable. Once you have bought the Shop Fox W1826 dust collector, you know that you have invested in the right product. The machine can reduce dust efficiently. It can clean your workshop in a short amount of time and will save a lot of your time. The machine can clean the dirtiest areas of your workshop and can help you clean the dust with perfection. The dust collector is not complicated to use and can be helpful to clean the dirt with ease. It comes with an easy-to-use wall mounting bracket that can conveniently install the dust collector on the wall. The locking score system will ensure that you stay safe while using the machine. The machine will take less time to remove the dust and save a lot of valuable time. The device is built to last and can make it possible for you to use the machines for years to come. The machine can clean the dirtiest surfaces and has internal padded brushes that can help to clean the dirt efficiently. The plastic dust collection bag can help you to collect the dust quickly and can help you to clean the machine easily. The wall-mounted dust collector has a flexible hose that can help to clean the solid dirt and debris.

Zipper Bag

The SHOP FOX dust collectors come with a zipper bag that can be helpful to collect the dust with convenience. The dirt can be easily disposed of in the zipper bag and can be thrown away. The bag is easy to open and close and can quickly dispose of the dust out of the machine.

Less Noisy

The SHOP FOX wall mounted dust collector is not noisy when it is operating. Most dust collectors create a lot of noise when they are in use, and most workshop owners are annoyed because of the loud noise the machines create. The best thing about this dust collector is that it can work quietly for hours, and you can achieve a peaceful environment. The tool can also be perfect if you are at home and don’t disturb others with the loudness of the machine.

Easy To Install

The wall-mounted dust collector is easy to install and can be mounted on the wall and floor easily. It is simple and easy to install and can help you to use the machine the moment it arrives. The device isn’t hard to assemble, and even a novice can install it. You don’t have to call out a professional to get the machine installed as it is easy to install and use. The device comes with a powder-coated finish and is durable. The assembling process gets over in a short amount of time, and you are ready to start your cleaning job right away.

Zipper Bag Makes It Easy To Dispose Off The Dust QuicklyPackaging Of The Machine Is Substandard
Doesn’t Create Much Noise While Operational
Easy To Install



RIKON 60-105

RIKON 60-105

RIKON 60-105 Portable Dust collector with wall mount is small and convenient in size, but it boasts of all the powerful features. It can be conveniently used for handling many small shop operations and make your big tasks look easy. It is easy to install, and you can mount it on the wall without any problems. There are built-in casters which can also be used according to your requirements. You can use the handle and move the dust collector to anywhere in the shop. There is a specialized attachment which includes 4 inches dust port and can quickly draw 660 CFM. For the single machine operation, there is enough suction provided to the dust collector. There is an adjustable pipe extension that is attached to the sturdy chip-collecting funnel. The attachment will help the suction end so it can be positioned as high as you want. The dust collector can be used with lathes, drill presses, and workbenches. There are additional accessories that are packed with this dust collector. You will get a 1HP portable dust collector with a 2-Micron filter bag, a hose, and an adjustable pipe. The wall mounting bracket and mounting hardware are two other essential features that are included in this dust collector.


The dust collector is mostly used in the small shops, and the shopper can conveniently make use of this machine at their shop. It is versatile and comes packed with many powerful features that will make your tasks very easy. The dust collector features 7.5/3.75 Amps, which is powerful enough for handling any dust or debris.

2-Micron Filter Bag

The dust collector has a 2-Micron Filter bag that can collect the small and big particles of dust or debris. It is made with good quality fiber, which can extract the dirt and micron from the surrounding and provide clean and fresh air in your shop. The size of the micron filter bag is huge as compared to other dust collectors. The length of the bag is 22 inches, while the filter bag’s diameter is 16 inches wide.


The switching hose in this dust collector is so sturdy and adaptable that it can easily be switched for different jobs. Many people prefer it over vacuum cleaners as the capacity to extract out dust is far higher. The dust port is 4 inches wide, which means it can handle the cleaning job quite efficiently. The dust hose port has a lot of capacity, and if you maintain it well, it can last for long.


The wall-mounted dust collector has a powerful 1 HP motor, which can quickly draw 660 CFM. The wheels diameter is about ten inches wide, and the filtration bag is also wide enough to collect all the harmful particles. When you are buying the best dust collector for your workshop, you need to look at the price. The Rikon portable dust collector is affordable for many people.


The dust collector can easily be mounted with the wall, and you don’t have to make any effort to install it. You can use this dust collector with lathes, drill presses, and workbenches as it is compatible with nearly all of them. It is small and convenient to use, and the best thing is that you can easily take it from one place to the other.

Wall Mounting Bracket

The wall mounting bracket of this dust collector is easy to adjust and made with sturdy materials. It won’t break away and will become a durable choice for the shop owners. Nowadays, dust collectors have become a necessity for woodwork shop owners.

Pipe Extension

The best thing about this dust collector is that it comes packed with a pipe extension and chip collecting funnel, which can be positioned the way the user wants to. You can connect it with your lathes, workbenches, and drill presses. There is safety on and off buttons that you can use to turn on and turn off the dust collector when it is not in use. The dust collector has a 5-year warranty, which is another benefit for the users.

Excellent For Small ShopsAdjustable Pipe Is Not Of Excellent Quality
Versatile & Compatible With Other Devices
Sturdy 2-Micron Cloth Bag



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