Best Wood Lathes For Turning Large Bowls 2022

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2022)

Are you in the woodworking business and are looking for tools that can make your jobs easier? If that is the case, then you must get a wood lathe to make your job easy and comfortable. You can finish a project without using a wood lathe, but if you use a wood lathe, then you will get excellent and smooth results and little time and effort will be required to complete the task. If you are not sure about where to start or what features to look out for, then this post would be a good option for you. Here are three of the Best Wood Lathes For Turning Large Bowls.

Best Wood Lathes For Turning Large Bowls (Comparison)

Wood LatheMotor 
Laguna Tools Revo 18362 HP

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Grizzly Industrial G04622 HP

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Grizzly Industrial G0842¾ HP

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Laguna Tools Revo 1836

Laguna Tools Revo 1836

If you have a big project on your hand and you want to complete it quickly and efficiently, then Laguna Tools Revo 1836 wood lathe can be the best option for you. The lathe is versatile and will offer you extreme comfort and ease during your project. The machine comes with adjustable speed and gives you all the power to control the machine. The swing capacity of this machine makes it special and different from other wood lathes available in the market. The machine comes with some of the best features, and you can flip the switch and reverse it easily during the task. The belt tensioning system of this wood lathe makes it unique and different from similar tools available in the market. You don’t have to reset the belt again and again and adjust the speed according to your convenience. If you are looking to finish your projects at a quick speed smoothly, then this wood lathe tool can be of great use. It is made with a cast iron base and makes it extremely durable. The wood lathe is made with cast iron that helps it to travel smoothly during the operation. Steel is a preferred material when it comes to the built and structure of the tool as it offers durability. The lathe comes with a brand new design that will excite the users because it offers so much more versatility and flexibility.

Power & Speed Control

The most noteworthy feature of this tool is its power delivery. It comes with a smooth and fast speed motor that has a variable speed control. The system is of high quality and sophisticated, and it brings a lot of conveniences to complete your tasks efficiently. The three-phase power helps the machine to run more smoothly and effectively. The smooth power will allow you to operate the machine swiftly.

User-friendly Control Panel

The aluminum control panel is constructed on the machine at the right spot, making it easy to use. It is situated at an ideal height and can be accessed easily by the users. The buttons and dials on the control panel are large and are colored. The buttons allow you to have a smooth operation. The machine has a convenient control panel, and people who have spent hours in front of a control panel will love the ergonomic design of the control panel.

Convenient Reverse Setting

The capability of a reverse setting makes it easy to use the machine during sanding projects. You will have better control and visibility while using the machine. The switch can be flipped easily to change the directions.

Stout Frame

The stout frame of the machine makes the tool more sturdy and durable. The surface has a smooth polish and offers low friction ease. The cast iron legs of the lathe make it a stable and durable machine for handling large scale projects. The machine is perfect if you want to turn large bowls efficiently.

Comes At A Reasonable PriceNo Frills
Smooth Operation




Grizzly Industrial G0462

Grizzly Industrial G0462

Grizzly Industrial G0462 16″ x 46″ Wood Lathe with DRO comes with functional features that make it smooth and efficient. It can deliver high potential power and output and can make your operations smooth and quick. The forwards and reverse speed features make it useful and effective as compared to other machines. The machines come with a high-quality motor is durable and lasts for a long time. The chucks can be adjusted quickly and can make the turning large bowls easy and comfortable. The experts highly recommend this machine because it comes with unique features. The incredible lathe machine is versatile and can handle large scale projects. It has an excellent working ability and can perform significant tasks with a breeze. It is built with steel and has a durable construction. The cast iron legs are durable and make the machine mobile and portable. You can move it from one place to another according to your convenience. It is the best fit for your workshop and can help you to deal with multiple projects. The heavy-duty machine offers high-quality performance and will save your time because it delivers a quick performance. It has endless functionality and can work wonders if you are looking to handle some large scale projects. The lathe is perfect for wood turners who are looking to fix massive bowls and want to deal with large-scale tasks. The machine can perform extraordinarily as it has multiple features. It has a smooth and swift operation and will help you deal with all your woodworking tasks. The high-quality lathe makes it easy for you to perform tasks in a short period and helps to complete them swiftly. If you are looking for a wood lathe for turning large bowls, then Grizzly Industrial G0462-16″ x 46″ Wood Lathe with DRO might be the best option for you.

Motor Speed

Grizzly Industrial G0462-16″ x 46″ Wood Lathe with DRO comes with a powerful motor, and it can help you to deal with tasks that require power. It comes with a horsepower that is second to none. The machine isn’t costly and offers excellent power and output. If you are looking for a machine that has the excessive horsepower, then this model is perfect for you.


If you are dealing with a metal project, then a lightweight machine wouldn’t be the requirement. This machine has a stable base that offers durability and stability. You don’t have to bump the machine and because it has the best balance. The device is made with heavy aluminum and can make it easy for you to complete large scale tasks. Lathes are usually heavy, and they don’t have to be lightweight.


The headstock of the machine can rotate to different directions easily. It increases the swing feature, and you can change the settings of the machine according to your convenience. You can start a project at the lower speed and can later adjust it to the required speed.


Grizzly Industrial G0462-16″ x 46″ Wood Lathe is made with excellent quality materials and offers durability. The machine is maintenance-free and wouldn’t require you to fix the tool now and then. If you have any problems with it, you can always call the customer support service. The friendly team would inspect the machine for you and would fix it.

Solid ConstructionSometimes Unstable
Powerful Motor
Good Starting Off Option




Grizzly Industrial G0842

Grizzly Industrial G0842

The Grizzly Industrial G0842 wood Lathe is an ideal tool for furniture makers. The ¾ HP motor is very powerful, and it works efficiently. The variable-speed spindle is another beautiful feature which feels very convenient for users. The wood lathe delivers a power of 110 V and will help you to make stair or chair spindles. The machine can also reproduce table legs which are 32 inches long. There is a sturdy template or a master workpiece which you can use to reproduce these table legs, stair or even chair spindles. The new rods will turn out of the way because of the copying attachment. The machine has a variable speed which can fully adjust according to your requirements. It is ideal choices for people who are in the woodworking industry, and although there are dozens of wood lathe, this one stands out among the rest. You can use it for industrial purposes and your small woodworking shop as well. The spindles give a maximum speed of 600-2400 RPM, and the overall weight of the machine is around 170 pounds. It can suit various woodwork projects and produce one of the best wooden products. You will not regret buying this machine as it is functional and durable for long term use.

Fully Adjustable Cutting Tool

Grizzly Industrial wood lathe is one of those tools which you cannot miss to have in a wood workshop. If you want to produce products which are smooth and have an even surface, then this fully adjustable cutting tool becomes a necessity. If you are one of those people who want to specialize in woodturning even then, it will be quite beneficial.

Adjustable Spindles

The adjustable spindles have a variable speed which will adjust according to your working speed. There is a distance of 37 inches between each spindle which will help you reproduce table legs which are 32 inches long. If you want to have even stair and chairs, these spindles will help you out. The spindle speed variables deliver 600-2400 RPM.

Spur Centre

The wood lathe has a spur in the centre which makes woodturning a lot easier. The ¾ HP motor will work smoothly as it delivers a power of 110 V. The swing over tool rest base is 9 inches , and the width is about 12 inches wide. There is a template or a master workpiece which you can use for different projects.


The wood lathe is powerful enough to give you a pleasant experience. You can produce some of the best quality wooden products. It is one of the best wood lathes for turning bowls, and users are also giving it thumbs up. The slides move and rotate efficiently to provide ultimate versatility. There is a swing over the bed, which is 14 inches and help you work with great comfort. The product comes packed with the latest features and can be used for long term purposes.


The wood lathe weighs 170 pounds which are moderate enough to minimize vibration, which usually occurs when you are doing woodwork. It will provide a stable platform for working. The variable speed feature allows the user to turn different wood pieces with different measurement. The anti-rotation key will give a smooth and durable movement.


The industrial wood lathe is a perfect choice for handling professional as well as commercial projects. The construction is heavy-duty as sturdy steel is used for the making. It is stable, durable and functional. The motor will run comfortably on 110 V, and there are lesser vibrations.

Cupped Live Centre

The wood lathe consists of a cupped live centre and comes packed with many additional features and accessories. You get a spur centre, cupped live centre; knock out the tool and tool rest. There is a six-inch faceplate which will make turning wood and large bowls quite easy.

One-hand Operation

The machine is equipped with a spindle that can be operated with one hand. The spindle nose extension will give you easy access to the wood lathe. The tailstock is fitted well and incorporates an anti-rotation key which provides a durable and smooth operation.

Powerful MotorComparatively Expensive
Excellent StabilityHeavy & Not Portable



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