Choosing The Right Skid Steer For Your Application

(Last Updated On: July 19, 2020)

Skid steers are commonly seen on a construction site, farm, or in any industrial plant. It is excellent equipment that can handle plenty of projects without giving any problems to the user. The skid steer is compact but easy to maneuver, and the best thing is that it can handle digging, grading, leveling, and even tough jobs like demolition. The skid steers are more like a necessity, and a must-have on any working site can even clean the snow quite thoroughly. If you are out in the market and want to buy some of the best skid steers, here are some tips you should consider.

Choosing The Right Size

The size of the machine is significant when it comes to handling different tasks. You will not like such a machine which cannot reach the delicate areas and do your task. The best thing is to look at the horsepower and the RCO, but you shouldn’t confuse the machine’s weight with the RCO. The RCO will usually be in the range of 700 to 3000 pounds. The user should choose a bigger size if the tasks are tough because a small skid steer may not handle it well. Keep it in mind that different sizes of skid steers are meant to be for different purposes, so you have to see which project you are going to handle.

Wheeled Or Tracked

The next thing is to understand what type of field you are working on; it is a stable or smooth surface? The skid steers which have wheels constructed at the base will move a lot faster than tracked ones. They can work on the harsh terrains more smoothly and will work better in landscapes too. The tracked skid steers are mostly suitable for digging and leveling the ground.

Consider The Attachments

When you get the right attachments, the skid steer can work in a much better way. You can perform countless tasks but make sure that not every attachment can work with the skid steers. You need to check the attachments well before you make a purchase.

Height Needed For Lifting

Most of the traditional skid steers are meant to work for pushing, digging, and move various kinds of materials. It will not be easy to lift any of the materials with a traditional skid steer. If you want to lift materials, a vertical or horizontal skid steer seems to be a perfect option. The new skid steers have various features that can give a lot of comfort to the user. While lifting the skid steer, you need to lift it to the eye level or above to check if it is suitable for your project.

Control Options

The skid steers come packed with different control options, and the traditional skid steers have a lever, and pedal controls only. Modern manufacturers have moved away from these traditional features, and now we are blessed with joystick features that are easier to handle. It will become easy to handle the demolition projects on the construction site.



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