Guidelines For Keeping And Caring For Your Brush Cutter

(Last Updated On: August 9, 2020)

A brush cutter is a powerful machine that can clear the yard quite quickly. There are many types of brush cutters like string trimmers, cut mowers, or so and you can choose the one according to your requirements. Being a landowner, you should be aware of the guidelines for keeping and caring for your brush cutters. They have sharp blades that can clean the weed and large pieces of grass efficiently. In this buying guide, we will discuss some essential tips for keeping and caring for your brush cutter.

Never Release The Starter Too Fast

The proper way to start using the brush cutter is that never release the starter very fast. Don’t stretch it to the maximum, but keep it halfway. When you have pushed the pull button, please don’t release your hand immediately and slowly move it away. If you try to release it immediately, the coil spring which is equipped inside can be damaged.

Drain The Fuel Tank

Once you have used the brush cutter, clean it off and drain the fuel tank before storing it. You should also keep a check that there is no dirt or dust inside the brush cutter and it is better to let it dry for some time. The drained fuel should not be used twice, and using new fuel for everyday use will be a better choice.

Inspect The Spark Plug

It would help if you inspected the spark plug from time to time so that brush cutter can remain durable. Remove the spark plugs and inspect the electrodes from inside if the plugs show brown color it will mean everything is fine. If there is any other color seen on the spark plugs, replacing them is the best option.

Check The Cutting Blades

The first thing is to remove the cutting blades, clean them, and inspect them for any damages. Sharpening the blades may not be an easy task, and it is better to take help from an expert.

Mowing Line Should Remain Moist

Keeping the mowing line moist and flexible is the key to keep your machine in good condition. Some sprays can sharpen the blades for the time being, but they won’t last long. The mowing line becomes dry when it is stored or not in use, so it is necessary to place it in water for some time, it won’t work well.

Brush Cutter Needs Servicing

The brush cutter needs proper servicing and maintenance every 50 hours. It will include cleaning the plug, fuel filter, fuel strainer, and carbon removal from the cylinder and other places. Cleaning the spark arrestor is equally essential too.

Using Good Quality Oil

If you want the brush cutter to work smoothly, using good quality 2T oil will be a good idea. It will help the engine to start and stop without any problems. When the engine is healthy, the performance will be excellent too. The cylinder block and piston will be affected if the lubrication is not enough. If the engine doesn’t work correctly, the machine will start clogging from inside.



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