How Many Tons Is Enough When It Comes To Log Splitters?

(Last Updated On: June 5, 2020)

When you are cutting Wood with an axe your energy will be drained, and you won’t be able to complete a lot of work on time. You can split as much Wood as you want with the help of a sturdy log splitter. Log splitters work on a particular pressure against a small surface to cut beautiful pieces of Wood, but how can you find out how many tons are enough for log splitters? The amount of pressure a log splitter applies is measured in Tonnes. If you want to know the detailed information, keep reading this buying guide.

Choosing The Right Log Splitter Ton

As we have already discussed that the pressure of which is applied by a log splitter is measured in tonnes. Selecting the right tonnes will depend on the following:

  • The size of the log should be measured properly
  • Check whether the Wood you are trying to cut is green or seasoned
  • You should also check the hardness and density of the Wood


How Large Are The Logs?

The critical cells inside the woods have long fibers, and they run up and down into the trunk or branch of a big tree. Cutting them may not be an easy task if the log and its size aren’t suitable. If you are planning to cut the Wood, you have to check the arrangement of the grain. Log splitters will work applying the pressure on these grains, and sometimes cutting the grains will require a chainsaw instead. A 4-ton extended splitter can work well to reduce a branch of 6 inches in size. If the tree trunk is 24 inches, you would require a 20 inches ton log splitter.

Green Wood Or Seasoned Wood

The green logs are freshly cut Wood, and they have a lot of moisture inside. They look either green or slightly yellow. Properly seasoned Wood takes a few months to dry out, and it is a little hard. The Wood which has freshly fallen will require a log splitter with more tonnes and is very powerful. Most of the professionals recommended that Wood should properly dry up before you cut it into pieces. As the wood ages, it will lose the moisture and slowly evaporates. When it is brittle, it is easy to cut it.

Hardness & Density Of The Wood

It would help if you understood how hard your Wood is and whether it is seasoned or not. It will help out a lot when you are choosing the right size of the log splitter. If you want to go much deeper, consider the hardness of the Wood and how it should be split down. Hardwoods are dense woods that don’t have much space between the fibers. Softwoods are considered soft and light sized timbers but have a lot of spaces between each fiber. Oaks and hickory are considered a hardwood, and if you are planning to cut them, you need a splitter with a lot of force.



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