How To Break Concrete With Jackhammer?

(Last Updated On: June 7, 2020)

Jackhammers are the most effective tools for breaking concrete, and they are considered to be the best choice for most job sites. At the same time, handling them can be quite challenging. Jackhammers are used by paving and construction companies, helping to assist laborers when they are demolishing surfaces like concrete. Usually, the Jackhammer weight is challenging to handle, and professionals should only use it. You can change the Jackhammer tip and blade depending on the kind of job you are into or whatever your requirements are. In this buying guide, we will discuss how to break concrete with Jackhammer.

Types Of Jackhammers

There are three types of jackhammers which are mentioned below

  • Hydraulic
  • Electric
  • Pneumatic


The pneumatic jackhammers rely on the air that is produced by air compression while the hydraulic jackhammers work according to the movement of hydraulic fluid. The electric jackhammers are operated by electrical power, which is considered the best choice for breaking concrete.

Tips For Breaking Concrete With Jackhammer

  • Make sure that you choose the most appropriate Jackhammer for cutting concrete. Look at the capacity it holds as most of the jackhammers come with both medium and heavy models.
  • You should avoid using the air compressor if the place is not ventilated well because the noise will be created on a high level
  • Before cutting the concrete, you will have to check and analyze the surface. If you see an overflow of the concrete around the edges that will mean that the minimum amount of concrete is used inside
  • If the concrete is lower on the side of each corner, your task will become easy, and even a normal jackhammer can work quite well. Any jackhammer which gives out 1200 to 1400 blow per minute will be suitable.
  • If the wire is found inside the surface of concrete breaking, it may become more challenging. You have to cut the cord with a saw first and then use the Jackhammer for breaking concrete.
  • If you find rebar reinforcement running within the concrete and for that, you will need a powerful jackhammer.
  • Using a 42 lb jackhammer will do the work for you. The best technique you can follow is to cut the concrete closer to the wall, so there is no remaining concrete left inside the building.
  • You should use your legs rather than your back while working a jackhammer, or else it can cause injuries. After removing the concrete, make a hole to give a smooth and clean look, and the water can stop leaking into it.
  • Most of the jackhammers come packed with safety features, so make sure you choose one wisely. When you are loosening concrete, you need to use the hammer like a crowbar.
  • Choose a tip or chisel which seems appropriate for paving work, but if you are breaking concrete, you can use a rock point instead. You can start up with checking the concrete first that needs a repair.



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