How To Chainsaw A Tree?

(Last Updated On: May 28, 2020)

Many professionals believe that cutting down a tree with a running chainsaw is not difficult. However, this process can be dangerous if you are not adequately prepared. It would help if you had the right tools and, most importantly, the protective gear which can save you from unfortunate accidents. In this buying guide, we will discuss how to chainsaw trees, so keep reading below.

Before You Begin

Before you begin cutting down a tree with a chainsaw, you have to dress up well. Your arms and legs should be fully protected, so the debris and dust don’t affect you. The protective glasses and earplugs are a must, while steel-capped boots are highly recommended. If you wear a helmet, this is going to be even better. Your head can be saved from falling branches of trees. Later check your chainsaw that it is in proper condition.

Check The Fall Path

Before starting to use the chainsaw, you have to determine a path where the tree will land once it’s cut down into pieces. Keep a check that the area should not be surrounded by trees that are too close to each other. When the fall path is clear, there are fewer chances for the falling tree to injure your head.

Choose Where You Want To Cut

When you chainsaw a tree, the best way is to make three cuts in the most critical places. Two cuts on the face and one on the backside will give a perfect and smooth cut. The face should be the first thing where you need to pay for all your attention. You need to start cutting from the side of the tree and then work your way towards the back. The best move will be not to cut too fast and stop a few times to check before proceeding. Let the tree topple on its own and fall directly into the fall path. Usually, there are three types of face cuts, which include open-faced, conventional, and Humbolt.

Cut The Tree Into Small Logs

Once your tree has fallen directly towards the ground, remove the limbs and cut them into logs. Bucking is a primary method that should be adopted here. It would help if you used your saw in the right direction so the trunk can be chopped off in few sections. Before you start making the cuts with your chainsaw, make sure that the tree is stable. If the tree shifts while cutting, it can fall on you. Starting with the topmost branches will be a better idea. If you feel that the tree is not stable, use wedges or chocks to secure it properly. If, in any case, trees fall, it can cause severe injuries. If you plan to sell the pieces of wood to a lumber mill, you should cut the trunks into 4 inches. If you are planning to use wood for your home, then cutting the logs into 1 or 2 inches will be a good move.



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