How To Clean Dust Collector Filter Bags?

(Last Updated On: June 11, 2020)

If there is dust inside the filter bag, it can clog the pores inside the collection bag. It will hinder excellent performance and make things inconvenient for users. The dust cake can clog the fabric and will impair the collection of dust and harmful particles. When you are continuously using the dust collector, it can become full with a substantial layer of powdery sawdust. As a result, the dust collector will draw less air than usual, and the cleaning agents will not work well. Many people wonder whether they should put up the bag in the laundry machine or use any other method to clean it. In this buying guide, we will talk about how to clean dust collector filter bags.

Cleaning Dust Collector Filter Bags

According to experts, a fine layer of dust and coating will not hinder the performance of the dust collector. The bag has fibers that are sturdy and can easily trap and filter small particles. However, if you notice a thick layer of crust inside or the coating is coming out of the bag itself, it’s about time you need to clean the filter. During this time, you will probably witness a decreased suction. It’s time to act. You need to toss the filter bag straight into the washer and try out some simple tips.

When you take the dust collector filter bag, it will be heavy with dust and inflated to a much bigger size. You need to tap it with your hand, and if this doesn’t work, use a broomstick. The broomstick is powerful enough to clean the outside of the filter bag, but the inside fabric is not easy to handle. The cake of dust might not settle with these simple steps. The next thing you can do is to blow a massive air pressure at the outside of the air. If you are still not getting any good results, then trying to use another method may turn out to be useful.

Manufacturers suggest that you put the filter bags inside the washing machine and spin it until all the dust particles are removed. If there is any remaining issue, you can also deal with it quite quickly. It is like a reset of filter bags, and the dust collector can work well for a long time. Frequent changes in the filter bags are not an economical choice for many users, which will severely disrupt their budget.

The washing machine at your house may not be suitable for exceptional cleaning. You can prefer to use an industrial tool instead, as the cleaning capacity will be a lot higher than usual. You need to turn the bag inside out for a few minutes till you feel that the bags are completely clean. It is recommended that you use a cold setting on the industrial machine and wash it on a gentle cycle. The laundry agent will be a right choice as it is smooth for the fabrics of collector bags. You can dry out the filters in the machine or hang it outside for some time.



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