How To Install A Dust Collection System?

(Last Updated On: June 10, 2020)

The dust collection system can make life easy, and your productivity level will increase. There are many dust collectors in the market, and they have their own features and installing systems. You can choose the one who feels convenient for your work. There is wall mounted dust collectors, which are mostly being preferred by the woodwork shop owners. No matter what dust collector you choose, you need to know how to install it properly. In this buying guide, we will explain how to install a dust collection system.

Installing Dust Collector

Before you start with the installation of a dust collector, you need to unbox all the pieces. You need to gather enough tools and supplies which are required for the process to begin. The best thing is that there is a manual with proper instructions, and once you read it, you will know the process pretty well. First of all, you need to decide where the dust collector should be mounted and make sure that you put proper bolts tightly into the wall.

Installing The Canister Filter

When you install the canister filter, you need to include the foam tape and wrap it around the outside of the port. The bolts need to be attached correctly, but you have to make sure they are tight and don’t fall. The tape foam should be applied to the base of the canister filter, and later you can fit the collection bag inside it.

Hose & Settings

There is a Y inlet attached to the dust collector, and the blast gates will be secure inside each channel pretty well. The next step will be to connect the hoses with the hose clamps. You need to install the docking port kit, which will be mounted to the wall. The screws are packed inside. The quick-release handle can quickly move around from one tool to the other. You can attach all the ports in one go, which will be very convenient.

Dust Collection System Layout

Your shop will look more clean and organized when you properly place the dust collector. The table saw can be set with the attached hose, and the best thing is that the tube is adjustable and can be moved according to your requirement.

Control The Flow

If you want to gain the maximum efficiency in the layout system, it is better to shut off all the flow from different ports. Using one at a time would be better choices for gaining maximum efficiency. You also have to make sure that the blast gates are correctly installed, or else the system will not work well. You can choose a plastic or metal blast gates as there are different sizes of pipes coming out in the market. Check and alter the diameters of the pipes before purchasing them because they can make your installation difficult or smooth. The hose and adapters also need to be placed in the proper area, or else they may fall or create other issues.



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