How To Operate A Brush Cutter?

(Last Updated On: August 11, 2020)

The brush cutter is one of the best equipment you can use to keep your garden clean. It can move into the most challenging areas and deal with the broad landscape in a short time. Operating the brush cutter might be a little challenging as the controls are a little difficult to understand. To save everyone from this hassle, we discuss how to operate a brush cutter in this comprehensive buying guide.

Working Mechanism

The brush cutters have a different type of working mechanism, and all of them are mentioned below.


If you have purchased an oil-based brush cutter, you must take the fuels and mix them before use. Until the tank is fully fueled, you cannot start your job efficiently. If you want the fueling to be perfect, buy a bottle that can show perfect measurements.

Switches & Pull Strings

There is start and stop buttons on every brush cutter, and it isn’t easy to understand those controls. If you are using a fuel-based brush cutter, you have to pull the string, which will activate the motor. The string is usually very close to the switch, so it will not be difficult to access it. You have to pull strings a few times, and the motor will start working on its own. Make sure that it is turned on, or else the brush cutter will not start working. Most of the brush cutters have got switches, which will help to increase and decrease the speed.

Starting Point

Once you start cutting with the brush cutter, make sure you keep a good position and fix it. Ensure that you stand straight and don’t have to bend your body as it may lead to back pains.

Techniques For Mowing Or Trimming

When you are using the brush cutter for mowing, it can trim a large area in the garden. Make sure that the small patches of grass are cleared or else your garden won’t look clean. Holding the cutter in an upright position will cut the grass with a perfect length, but keep in mind that the stones and debris may move upwards, so be careful. Trimming is a suitable choice for using the brush cutter around trees or other areas inside the garden. Holding the brush cutter around 30 degrees will help you do your job quickly, but be careful as it may hit the trees, so there should be a protective attachment available for the trees.


Clearing the weeds is not an ordinary task, and it will show the versatility of the brush cutter as a whole. The weeds that are grown inside the patio or pavement will be cleared smoothly with this handy cutter. You will have to operate the cutter lightly; a fast-moving blade might hit somewhere and get damaged. For handling scything moving the cutter into squares and with squares will give the best of results. If there is a slope, you can choose to move around in circles so a lot of areas can be cleared quickly.



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