How To Sharpen A Chainsaw?

(Last Updated On: May 30, 2020)

You have to be careful as dull chainsaws are dangerous and slow. It will give you a lot of difficulties while you are cutting different types of wood or timber. Nowadays chainsaws are commonly used by professional arborists and DIYers who have to cut down the trees regularly. It is to understand that no matter how powerful or prominent a chainsaw is, it won’t work or slow down when it has become dull. You need to sharpen it properly, and that can be done in 10 minutes if you contact an expert. If you want to do it yourself, keep reading this buying guide to know how to sharpen a chainsaw.

Tools For sharpening

You need to have four tools for sharpening the chainsaw properly. A round file which comes packed with file guide will help to sharpen the cutters all at once. You should also have a flat-file, and that has a deep gauge if you want to lower the depth gauge of a chainsaw. The round file should match the diameter of the cutter. The most popular width for a medium or small-sized chainsaw should be 5/32 or 3/16. You will have to check out the user manual of your chainsaw and the chain identification number before starting the sharpening process. You have to mount the right file in the right direction and keep the chainsaw in a horizontal position. One of the essential things for sharpening a chainsaw is to know how many chains are there in the saw.

Sharpening By Hand

If you want to sharpen the chainsaw with your hands, the first thing is to wear safety gloves. You should make direct contact with the file and cutter if you are working with bare hands. Make a stroke by maintaining the proper angle of the chainsaw, either vertical or horizontal. You have to keep the factory ground angle at least 30, or 35 degrees above the saw for best of results. When you make the first couple of strokes, and the saw is entirely dull, it will make vibrations. You can start by making the first six strokes properly and then give it a break for some time. If you feel a burr type sound near the cutter, it will mean that cutter’s outer and inner edge is fast enough to sharpen the chainsaw.

You have to maintain the angle properly that is parallel towards the ground and away from your body. Once you have sharpened the cutters four or five times, it’s about time you pull the chains of one bar and move on to the next one. The best thing is to continue sharpening the cutters and stop right after you have reached the correct spot. If you use a rotator tool for sharpening the cutters, it will save a lot of your time and effort. The repair kits can come handy in this situation, and you can buy them for Amazon as they are available in the best quality.



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