How To Sharpen Jackhammer Bits?

(Last Updated On: June 8, 2020)

There are three types of Jackhammers available in the market, and the kind of material and application you are working on will determine which one is the right choice. The three types of hammers come packed with various features and tool bits that are point, chisel, and spade. You will need almost all of them to handle a job efficiently. The best thing about these tool bits is that they let you break, cut, and dig a variety of materials. When you choose the correct jackhammer, your work will become fast, smooth, and secure. In this buying guide, we will discuss how to sharpen jackhammer bits.

Concrete Points & Chisels

The narrow chisels are most suitable for breaking concrete. Please don’t put too much pressure on the jackhammer, or it may break down while you are handling this task. Significant chisel bits are suitable for cutting large slabs of concrete while the small chisels are suitable for small concrete slabs. The cutting angle should be perfect, or else it won’t work efficiently.

Asphalt & Clay Spades

If you want to break down Asphalt, the asphalt spade will give you powerful results. The shovel is 5 inches wide, and it can cut hard pieces of Asphalt smoothly. If the blade is thin and steel is soft, it will damage quite quickly. You need to sharpen by edges, and you can’t do it yourself, so you need an expert who can do it for you.

Brushing Tools

Brushing tools can be efficiently used to remove the tight spots on a floor or make the surface rough for better adhesion and the top coatings. It is mostly used by the engineers at the construction sites when they have to break concrete from hard surfaces. Brushing tools are constructed using pyramidal points, which are made of sturdy steel. There are 9 to 16 points mostly, and they all need to be sharp; otherwise, they won’t work for this big project. The paving breaker tool has a two square face, and it can sharpen with a rectangular face tool.

Rod, Stake & Pipe Drivers

You can save a lot of time and effort when you have a rod, stake, and pipe drivers at a construction site. The ground rod drivers feature wide inches of a diameter that are 5/8 or 2-1/2. You can sharpen them using drive form pins, cutting pins, and other such tools. There are different types of steel and stakes attached to a jackhammer, and they all have their purposes of fulfilling.


If you want to use a jackhammer or pavement breaker as a strong temper, make sure that you get a shank with a square of round tempers. It can quickly tamp or backfill the loose materials stuck inside tight corners or other narrow surfaces.


You will have to understand that an expert will professionally sharpen all points like chisels, spades, and brushing tools. You cannot handle this task yourself. When a professional does the work for you, it ensures that every device has the sharpest cutting edge. It is also heat-treated properly, which restores the integrity of the steel.



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