How To Sharpen The Cutting Edges Of Your Post Hole Digger?

(Last Updated On: July 15, 2020)

If you have experience working with a post hole digger, you must be aware that if the tool no longer goes deep inside the soil and make cuts quickly like it used to. It is about time you sharpen the cutting edges using a blade. When the cutting edges are sharp, they work more efficiently and faster. Sharpening the post hole digger’s cutting edges is an easy and straightforward task if you follow the complete instructions. In this buying guide, we will discuss all it.

Disassemble The Post Hole Digger

Before you begin to sharpen the cutting edges, you need to disassemble the tool; otherwise, it will be challenging to find the blades inside that are not very open. You need to use a screwdriver and open the nut and bolts, and then you have to push out the bolt, which is keeping the two blades together.

Clamp First Piece

Before you can sharpen the cutting edges on the blade, you have to use a spray nozzle and water hose to clear dirt or grime. It would help if you allowed the blades to become dry and take a wire brush to scrape any debris sitting on the edges for long.

Grind Damaged Area

You have to prepare the blade well, and once it has dried down, you need to begin filling the blades. Holding the blade on one side and moving the file back and forth into 45 degrees angle will be necessary. Continue doing this on the blade’s entire surface until you feel that it has become sufficiently sharp. Checking the blade from time to time will be beneficial because when you feel that the outer part has become sharp and moving at a 45-degree angle, half of your work is done.

Remove File Burr

After making an angle on the blade, you will get to see some burr. Don’t get confused as this is the result of some uneven strokes made by the user. You need to remove it carefully by laying the machine down on the ground. When you give a couple of strokes, the burr will be removed.

Repeat The Process For Another Blade

You need to remove the first piece of the tool from the vise position and insert the second blade inside the clamp. Keep repeating the same process from the first blade to the second one, so there is an elegant touch.

Wipe With Penetrating Oil

When you have done the process of sharpening on the blades, take an old towel or some cloth and wipe the penetrating oil. There must be some oil on both the blade’s surface, so you need to remove it carefully. It will prevent rust and corrosion from removing soil and dirt from any surface of the ground quickly.

Re-assemble Post Hole Digger

You need to connect the bolts and screws into one place, twist the wing nut, and close it tightly. Once you are done re-assembling, you can start using the post hole digger.



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