How To Split Firewood With A Chainsaw?

(Last Updated On: May 31, 2020)

Splitting firewood with an axe can be troublesome, time-consuming and painful at the same time. If you have a chainsaw, your work will become fast and easy. If you want to know how to split the firewood with a chainsaw, you have arrived at the right place. You won’t have to spend extra hours in the field under the scorching sun or hurt your back. In this buying guide, we will give you details of how to split firewood with a chainsaw.

Choose The Right Size Of Chainsaw

Before you start up splitting firewood, you need to have the right size of the chainsaw. Ideally

18-inches saw will be a suitable and useful choice. If you want to have something for indoor fireplaces then going for a 16 inches saw will be better. If you are working as an arborist and have to cut large trees, choose either a 20 or 24 inches saw to complete your project.

Protect Yourself

When you are using a chainsaw, make sure you are wearing the protective gear which includes gloves, boots and clothing. A face mask and protection of eyes is equally important as well. Don’t cut the tree with just one push instead start from one side and move on to the other, so it doesn’t fall on your head.

Cut The Trunk Of Trees Into Logs

You have to clear the trunk of trees and cut them into little logs. Please don’t cut the trunks into the ground as it will fill up the saw with unnecessary dirt and dust. You can cut each of the side by rolling the trunk into different directions. If you are working on the sawhorse, you can cut it through the ground or any other course.

Cut The Logs Into 16 Inches

The trunk of each tree should be cut down in 16 inches. You have to start from splitting it into 4-foot length. You can cut through every log without giving any damage to the chainsaw if you keep moving it into different directions while cutting. Try to turn off the saw for a few minutes or else it may kickback, and the tree or its logs fall on your head. You can use the small logs for your fireplace at home. If the logs are more significant, you can send it to the lumber mill and earn money.

Cut Firewood Halves Into Quarters

For cutting a full-length wood, you need to start cutting from the centre. You have to drop each piece on a supporting wedge or stump it finish off with the cutting. When firewood is cut into half, it should then cut into quarters. Repeat the cycle till your work is complete and you get fresh fuel. The ground may not be the right choice when you are cutting the wood as you have to bend down all the time, and it can hurt your back. If you don’t have a sawhorse, you can build one on your own to make your task easy.



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