How To Use A Drill Press For Woodworking?

(Last Updated On: June 21, 2020)

A drill press is a highly equipped machine which is used for woodworking but can be used for other tasks as well. The drill press can be used for drilling, and you can fit it into different attachments for drilling square holes efficiently. If you have recently purchased a drill press, you will want to know how you can use it. In this buying guide, we will discuss how to use a drill press for woodworking.

Drill Press Basics

If you are planning to have a drill press for woodworking, you need to look for a power drill or cordless drill. If the holes you are drilling consist of large diameters purchasing a power drill will be a better option. The power drill has a powerful motor which can work effortlessly when it comes to woodworking. You can adjust the drill press in different heights, and it will ensure that the holes are properly drilled. Make sure that the drill is spinning at a reasonable speed because lower speed can’t handle the work effectively.

Mortise Cutting

A mortise features a rectangle or square hole and both of them need to be of the same size while cutting wood. Mortise cutting is easy to handle, as it is done manually. If you have a drill press with this feature, it can give you a lot of comforts. There are some drill press models which have a built-in crank, and this feature makes it easy to adjust the table height and move it freely whenever needed.

Using Drill Press Attachment

If your woodworking project involves a lot of mortise or tenon joints, you should create them using a power drill. You will not have to invest in any other tool as the power tool is excellent and versatile enough for drilling plenty of holes in one go.

Sanding Spindles

If your woodworking project deals with curved cuts, you can get the best of results with an oscillating spindle. The spindle sander is a beautiful feature that will help you curve 2-3 cuts in a minute. The variable speeds of axes are easy to adjust, and you can use them according to your working requirement.


Doweling is a process which is used by the woodworkers since ancient times, and it is still trendy. You can strengthen the joints of a newly carved wood, and you can create a small, round, triangle or any other space from the pieces of wood. You have to use the drill holes wisely so doweling can become manageable. The holes have to drill correctly or else the dowels won’t align with them. Gauging the depth of the drill press is necessary when you are digging a hole in a piece of wood. The gauge depth should be away from the spindle movements, or else it will hinder your work. The workpiece should be secure enough before you start working with the drill press. Continuous rotation or spin may affect the wood or metal work so the workpiece should be clamped very well inside the worktable.



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