How To Use A Log Splitter?

(Last Updated On: June 5, 2020)

Log splitter is an efficient equipment that can save time, effort, and energy when cutting different pieces of logs. Cutting logs with an axe requires a lot of time and energy, so using a log splitter is a much better choice. However, you need to understand that a log splitter is a large and dangerous machine, and while using it, you have to be careful. Keeping your safety intact is the first thing to do. In this buying guide, we will tell you how to use a log splitter, so read it carefully.

Wear Protective Clothing & Equipment

Safety always comes first whenever you are handling a big machine. Before you start using it, you should wear protective clothing and equipment. When you are cutting wood, the fragments will fly, and it may damage your eyes. You should wear proper goggles which can protect your eyes. You should wear steel boots so your feet can be protected from wood.

One Person Should Operate Machinery

The primary and most important rule is that the person holding the splitter should be the one to run it. This tip can save you from an injury as you will be ready before the machine starts working.

The Work Area Should Be Clear

Make sure that the work area should be clear, and there is no dust or debris around. It will help you to keep yourself safe, and you won’t trip over logs lying here and there. You shouldn’t operate the machine if you are high or have consumed alcohol as it will be hazardous if you lose control.

Secure Wheels With Blocks

When you have set up the log splitter and want to start the work, make sure that your block or secure the wheels with a block. The commercial log splitters are not easy to handle, especially if you don’t know how to use them. It can roll back towards you and injure you.

Position The Log Splitter On An Even Ground

The log splitter can recoil or go out of control, which will be dangerous. It can move back towards you, so the first thing you have to do is to place it on an even ground. If the ground is not flat, it can fall over you. Another tip is never to hold the log in one place using your foot, knee, or leg.

The Beam Should Be Adequately Secure

Many log splitters that are available in the market can be used in vertical and horizontal positions. They can lock in one place automatically when you change the configuration. Before using it, make sure that the beam is closed properly or else it can create a big problem. You should also check the hydraulic pipes that they are free of any leakages.

Read The Manual

Every splitter is different, and you understand how it should be used properly. It is essential to go through the manual comprehensively. Even if you have used a log splitter before, you should know how the log splitter can function correctly.



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