How To Use And Maintain Your Drill Press?

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2020)

The drill press is an excellent tool which can be used for a variety of operations. You can cut metal, wood, plastic and other materials quite easily. It can be used for commercial and industrial purposes and can be the right choice for a woodwork shop as well. When you have purchased a drill press, you will want to know how to use it. The most important thing is to maintain the drill press well so you can use it in the long run. Read this buying guide as we have full details to solve your problem.

Drill Press Maintenance Tips

The drill press is a straightforward machine to work with, but you need to handle it with great care. You have to check that the pulleys, drive belt, spindle and chuck are in good shape or else it won’t give a satisfactory performance. It doesn’t take much time to carry out the maintenance process.

Lubricate The Drill Chuck

You need to keep the drill chuck lubricated so the chuck jaws can run smoothly. You can either spray the lubricant or use your hands to tighten and loosen the jaws.

Belt Wear

If the belt wear is worn out, it can create a lot of vibration and sound. You need to keep a check on the belt by unplugging the drill press frequently. The belt may appear to find sometimes, but it doesn’t mean that everything is correct. Make sure that the tension of the belt wear is right for the machine to work well.

How To Use A Drill Press Machine

The drill machine comes in various shapes and sizes, and they perform operations like drilling and countersinking. Some of them can be mounted with the wall while there are others which are attached with a bench. You have to understand that safety comes first when you are dealing with such machines. Here is how you can use a drill press machine.

  • The drill press has a well-constructed spindle which helps the machine to operate well. It holds the tool well when you are cutting through wood or metal. In most of the drills, the spindle is set in a vertical position.
  • The sleeve should be adjusted in the appropriate direction for handling different type of projects. The sleeve carries the spindle, and it can be lowered according to your requirement.
  • The column of most drill presses is manufactured with sleeve, spindle, and electric motor and feed mechanism. The head of the machine should bolt well within the column, or else it will not give accurate results.
  • The column is usually circular while it can be rugged and reliable as well. The column has an essential feature as it supports the head and sleeve of a drill press. The base of the drilling machine will help the entire drill press.
  • The work table is adjusted with a column, and the best thing is that it can move vertically and horizontally. It can also accommodate different height and can tilt to any direction without any issues.



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