How To Use Skid Steer For Grading?

(Last Updated On: July 17, 2020)

Purchasing or operating a skid steer can be challenging, and you need to have basic knowledge before using it. When it comes to operations, hauling, and safety, you need enough recommendations on purchasing the right type of skid steer. A medium-sized skid steer is economical but cannot handle huge tasks as they have fewer features. You can achieve a smooth and dip free grade and work like a pro if you follow these simple tips on using a skid steer for grading.

How To Safely Haul A Skid Steer?

You have to make sure that you know the weight of the equipment you are hauling, and it depends on whether you have a truck, trailer, or a trailer hitch to haul everything safely. It would help if you did not put up much load near the truck’s tires as they may harm whatever you want to haul. The straps and chains will be used to move the machine, and the driver won’t have to take such action. If you know how to handle the pressure of pulling hydraulic steer, things will become easy to grade. Skid steers are heavy, so you need to protect sidewalks, walkways, and patios using plywood. The driver should not drive over specific mounds, tanks, or drain field, so no inconvenience is caused.

Avoid Skid Steer Accidents

Once the user climbs on the skid steer, it is impossible to look behind, and there are blind spots on each side, and it has to be severely restricted. All will depend on the lift arms’ height, which is constructed on both sides of the skid steer. If you see people near the work area, you have to check you give them a clear signal to move away from the skid steer to avoid any accidents.

Pick Up Rocks Before Starting Grading

Rocks can be troublesome when you are trying to grade a very smooth surface. They will create trenches as soon as you try to move them to different places. It is tempting enough to move the rocks using skid steer, but the task is not that easy. You will have to be careful while moving them away or even try to do it manually. Skid steers are hard to work on tough terrains, and it may tear up the ground if you don’t pay attention. The skid steers don’t have holes and ruts, so this is why you have to smooth out the working area frequently.

Fill The Skid Steer Before Tipping

You have to push the bucket straight into the dirt before tipping it. All of this will most certainly work as a plow while the forward movement needs to be stopped frequently. You can move the bucket up and down and get your way inside the soil or debris pile. The next thing will be to tilt the skid steer bucket as you lift it from one place to another. There are many skid steers available in the market which has their own self leveling bucket feature.



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