Is A Dual Voltage Welding Machine Better For You?

(Last Updated On: September 8, 2020)

Whenever you are looking to purchase any welding machine, you have to select it wisely. No matter what type of welder you are looking for, it will most probably be manufactured with 120V, 240V, or something at least in one of these ranges. There are many types of welders available in the market that will include MIG, TIG, and stick. They all will offer a wide range of versatility and powerful features too. It will also depend on what type of power it will be operated with. In this buying guide, we will discuss the dual voltage welding machine so let’s talk about all the details.

Types Of Welding Machines

Nowadays, the market is full of 120V units and whether it is the transformer 140 amp MIG welders or the little inverter stick welders. It is suitable for the DIY crowd and the purely occasional users too. Some of them are using them as weekend welders, and most probably, they will not like to spend money on expensive machines with lesser features. It will be easy to rewire the small shop and home garage with the use of 240Volts power.

How Is The Dual Voltage Machine Suitable For You?

Dual voltage welding machines have a lot to offer with the 120Volts, and it is portable enough for a variety of users. The professionals that are in the portable repair business will be need this machine for carrying out various tasks in one go. They can be placed inside the middle of the restaurant, and the repairs can happen very quickly. It will be easy to rebuild the preparation for the food tables. Repairing small shops will also be challenging. If you don’t have access to the standard NEMA 6-50 power outlet even then, the dual voltage machine will be suitable for you.

Many of these machines are not built for a variety of good production work either, so a lot of time will be invested in gathering dust from the shelf or bounce around the box on the truck. They cannot be regularly used for such work, though, but it is the right choice if you want to use it occasionally. The dual voltage machines are rapidly increasing in the market, and people prefer it over the other. The dual-voltage capacity is suitable and an excellent solution as it works like two different types of welders. You can keep one in the shop while the other can be kept at overhead. It can work efficiently on both different types of voltages and that too with perfection.

You don’t need to purchase an extra welder for handling different projects as the dual capacity is enough. Sometimes the voltage is required in a particular area, but it may not be available. In this situation, you don’t have to worry. The best thing is that the machine will be suitable for hobbyists and other professional workers. You can stop and start the machine whenever you want and work in areas where power is difficult to maintain.



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