MIG Welder Maintenance Tips

(Last Updated On: December 18, 2020)

Whether you are into Welding for professional reasons or simply enjoy it. While deciding to equip yourself for welding, you need to ask yourself what type of welding machine you are interested in before buying it. While a majority of the welding machines are suitable for metal joints, they might not all be the best at all the different kinds of functions that are performed.

Some might be better at some of the jobs than others. However, if you’re looking for a jack of all trades, there is no way you haven’t already heard about a MIG welder. This is one for the thin sheet metal or thick steel pipes. With a MIG welder, everything is doable. The operation of a MIG welder is as simple as it comes. However, taking good care of the appliance so that it lasts a much longer time is not always the easiest. Here are a couple of tips that you can simply benefit from:

Keep It Covered

One of the most essential tips that can keep your Mig welder functioning for a long time is keeping it covered whenever not in use. You may be able to use a protective layer such as a canvas covering. The shielding gas will also need to be secured.

Drive Rolls Must Be Cleaned & Settled Properly

The drive rolls are an essential part of the welding machine’s proper functioning, and they must be adequately cleaned so that your welding machine does not get stuck. Often times this might be due to faulty wire delivery or damaged liners. The drive roll tension is best when they are adjusted in a way that they will neither be too tight nor be too loose because this can pose some serious issues for the welding machine. It is probably wise to regularly replace your drive rolls when you think that they have worn out.

Equipment Cleaning Of The Machine

The dust and dirt that gathers upon the machine lead to it malfunctioning. It is vital that regular cleaning practices be performed so that the machine will last much longer. The wear and tear of the different equipment can lead to weld bead problems.

Be More Careful About Gas Liners

The gas liners should be checked for obstructions and be cleared out. The inadequate gas flow will lead to much more complex issues within your machine. The gas nozzle will also need to be correctly plugged in so that you do not have to deal with leakage problems.

Drive Roll Pressure Too High

A high drive roll pressure can crush the wire of your machine. You can easily avoid this problem by putting the wire through the hose assembly. You will need to blow out the liner through the feeder and torch the ends of the air nozzle. This is how you will be able to clean out the dry and debris from the liner. This way, you will be able to keep all the parts of your machine clean of dirt and debris.



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