Tips For Digging In Clay

(Last Updated On: July 14, 2020)

The hard clay almost feels like concrete, and when the shovel hits it, you can feel it too. Usually, when the clay is surrounded on any surface, it will make things difficult, especially when it comes to digging holes for plants and fence posts. When all the fine particles in the clay bind together, they become hardened, and you need special techniques to soften or remove them. The best way will be to soften the clay so the shovel can move inside out without any issues. In this buying guide, we will be discussing tips and tricks for digging in clay.

Tips For Digging In Clay

  • Mark the location of different sizes of holes and the best thing will be to rope it off with twine, which is strung around the stakes. The best solution will be to mark the area a little larger than the holes so the shovel can move inside pretty quickly. Each width has a necessary hole, and you will have to take care of it when applying some pressure on it. When the clay becomes dry, it can almost feel like a rock.
  • Once you have marked the location, the next step will be to strip the sod and different plant materials. The sod has to be cut with the sharp blade of the shovel. When you slide the blade into different directions, make sure that you also slide the blade beneath the sod layer. It has to be lifted above the ground to a new level each time digging is done inside the clay. You have to make sure that the sod is completely removed and the hole area is ripped off efficiently.
  • Remove the stake and twine from the area around the hole, and it will provide you with an extra room. You will not trip down on the ground, making yourself dirty. Safety always comes first, especially when you are handling such machines. Removing the twine at this point will no longer be necessary, but if you do so, it will be better. The dimension of each hole will become clear once the sod, as well as the surface material, is removed.
  • The digging bar has to be pushed inside the point as deep as possible but starting from the centre of the whole is the best possible solution. Push the bar inside the soil using a mallet and check out the desired depth of the hole before doing so. The desired length of the hole is more than half the length of the bar. Pulling the bar out in the end and levering it backwards into the hole as you pull will help you loosen the soil in one go. Keep repeating this process until and unless you feel that the clay or soil around the area is soft enough to dig the hole.
  • Once again loosen the clay using the digging bar, especially if you need the hole to be a little more profound and more significant. If you want the holes to be bigger than the desired depth, repeat the process of loosening and digging in clay.



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