Tips For Welding Auto Body Panels

(Last Updated On: September 4, 2020)

If you ever wanted to work on your car instead of getting it done by someone else you can make use of top quality welders. The auto body welding is vast, and the industry is unending with incredibly steep and learning curves for beginners. If you are interested in putting some time and effort, you will learn how to weld different auto body panels. You can quickly repair the car you drive, and in this buying guide, we will give you an introduction to auto body welding techniques and teach you how to choose the welder.

Choose A Welder That Is Suitable For Auto Body Project

The first step when it comes to learning is to weld automobiles and to choose the right kind of welder so it can suit your needs. There are three main welding system options, and you can choose among them.

Stick Welders

The stick welders are one of the cheapest and the most basic, too, and even though it is just a stick, it is packed with powerful features. It will lead to a cruder type of welding, and the best thing is that it will get your job done quickly. You can use it underwater, but that is possible if you are a professional or very experienced. It is not only cheap but easy to use, but there won’t be much of precision either, especially if you are working with thin metals.

MIG Welders

The MIG welders use a welding torch for handling different projects. You should understand the entry-level setups even if you don’t have any experience in welding. It may be more expensive than other options, but the features are much more powerful.

TIG Welders

TIG welders are the last and one of the most expensive options, and these welders are suitable for those who have advanced welding skills. It is not very suitable for beginners, especially for those who are engaging in learning welding. The TIG welders will provide high-end welding results, and you can use it for aluminum. The controlling heat system is easy to deal with.

Welding Auto Body Panels

You can make use of a MIG welder to weld different types of auto body parts even if the steel is hefty. Make sure you have enough gas and the welding wire to complete the entire project.

  • It would help if you had a hand grinder and some other necessary clamps with you.
  • Adjust the new panel but make sure that the size is suitable and easy to use
  • Getting rid of the old panel will be a good idea, so no rust is left behind.
  • Setting the welding current is another essential factor.
  • Attach the new panel with clamp’s help, and they will hold the panel in one place together.
  • The stitch welding method will help you start your welding work. You can make several welds and form a continuous line, and you have to practice hard to gain some experience and get new results.



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