Tips To Keep Your Dust Collector Running Efficiently

(Last Updated On: June 9, 2020)

If the dust loading is very high or the cleaning is ineffective, the dust collector won’t run with full efficiency. When such a problem arises and is not solved at the right time, it can increase costs and may result in unplanned downtime. In this buying guide, we are going to discuss some useful tips to keep your dust collector running efficiently.

Use The Right Parts

It would help if you made sure that the dust collector is designed with suitable parts. The blower, dust filter and filter cleaning system are a must for it to run efficiently. The dust collection bag or fans and valves need to perfect, or else dust won’t be removed or filtered.

Hopper Should Be Free Of Dust

You should check from time to time that the hopper of the dust collector is not storing dust as it is not meant to be for this purpose. If the dust is accumulated inside the dust collector, it will have a high risk of fire or deflagration. The dust is in the hopper will clog the cleaning system, and the performance will be affected.

Check Diaphragm Valves

The best thing is to check the diaphragm valves of the dust collector every year. If it is in good shape that means your dust collector can last for a long time. If there is a new collection bag or cartridges rare installed, then checking the valves will become even more critical. The filters should also remain clean, and you also have to understand that buying new filters can be very expensive. The installation of new valves will continue to be an affordable choice. You need to wear some protective gear for your ears while checking the diaphragm level as the noise level will be challenging to handle.

Use The Correct Air Pressure

The compressed air needs to be at a certain level for the dust collector to perform well because if it is too low, it will trouble the user. At the same time, if the air pressure is too high, it will affect the valves and cleaning bag rapidly, and you will have to get it replaced. If you keep things in control, you will not have to pay extra money on maintenance.

Keep An Eye For Pressure Drop

The increased pressure drop will directly affect the performance of the dust collector. It will not clean away the dust and debris properly, making the air within your working space dirty. You should frequently change the filters if the airflow is reaching at its peak or different pressures. The new fit will have lower trouble of air keeping the performance of dust collector in top form. The bags extract out dust and debris but will keep the pressure of air in control.

Inspect The Filter Media

If you want your dust collector to give a top performance, you need to inspect the filter media frequently. The filter happens to be the essential part of a dust collector as it collects and filters dust. Make sure that the collection bag doesn’t leak or break away with time.



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