What Bar Size Should I Choose For My Chainsaw?

(Last Updated On: May 30, 2020)

If you are purchasing a chainsaw, you need to know what bar size is suitable for your projects. First of all, you need to measure the length of the chainsaw with a measuring tape, and the process is quite easy. Start measuring from the length of the exposed bar and move towards the tip of the bar. By rounding the measurement to the fullest number, you will know the exact bar length of the chainsaw. Don’t stop right here as there are some essential things you have to know. In this guide, we will tell you what bar size should you choose for your chainsaw.

The 4 Bar Numbers

There are 4 bar numbers when it comes to most of the chainsaws. It is essential to know that four numbers are correct if you want to get a replacement bar. Let’s suppose that three of the numbers are right, and one is wrong; it’s of no use for the chainsaw. Look at the complete 4 bars and their description below.

Bar Length

For getting the actual bar length, you need to turn off your chainsaw first. You have to lay down the chainsaw to one side and start-up with the measuring process. Measure the body from the start to the bottom, which will give you accurate results. Most of the chainsaws come with either 16 or 20 inches bar or chain, which is suitable for every type of project. You can choose the one that fits your requirement.


The gauge will represent the width of each chain link, and it also measures the outside of the bar. If the gauge were broad, that would mean groove on the bar is too extensive. The best thing is that if the gauge is full, it will give you excellent performance. The gauge should be at least 13mm long, or else you may not be able to freely cut trees or other materials.


Pitch is the accurate measurement of the chain, but you also require having a bar that can match up with it. You can find the pitch pretty quickly as it can be seen on the side of the bar. If you don’t have any idea, you can check the information box on the manuals. You can change the length of the chainsaw bar or get it replaced if you don’t want to invest money on an entirely new chainsaw.

Chain Length

Finding a compatible chain length for your bar is extremely important. If the chain doesn’t fit inside the bar, your work will hinder at regular intervals. There are chances that you get into an accident, and you may injure yourself severely. If the chainsaw is used heavily every day, the paint on the bar may fade and will not be able to read the information box. The chain length of a bar is usually standard, and the manufacturers know it quite well. You can count the chain links to get an idea about the range if you want to.



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