What Is A Good Height For A Drill Press?

(Last Updated On: June 20, 2020)

A drill press is a powerful and efficient machine that is used for drilling holes and sanding. There are two types of drill presses mainly one is a benchtop, and the other is a floor drill press, and both have various features. Weight isn’t much of a concern when it comes to choosing a drill press. Drill presses have become a popular choice among woodworkers, metal workers, and other people who are working in commercial industries. Many people are confused about how much height is suitable for a drill press, and in this buying guide, we will help you out.

Main Components Of A Drill Press

Most of the drill presses come packed with many powerful features. The main components include Speed control handle, motor, column, table support, base, and head. The on-off switch and table are other essential components that can be used according to user requirements. The powerful motors can deliver a high RPM level, and they mostly range between 580 to 3,200 RPM.

Size Of The Drill Press

The size of each drill press is measured in terms of swing. For example, a 16 inches drill will have an 8-inch throat distance from each column. It also means that the 16 inches drill can be a suitable choice for drilling a hole in 16 inches disk or any other hard materials. Most of the drill presses that are available in the market today come in the range of 13 to 16 inches. You can select the one who feels convenient for your work.

Height Of Drill Press

There are various drill presses in the market, and you may have to choose the height according to your requirements. The practical height for an ordinary benchtop drill press would be 39 inches. If you have a short height, you need at least this much height for a drill press so you can drill a different kind of materials. The floor drill press is about 33-25 inches tall, and once the casters are installed, they remain at the same height. The drill presses come equipped with a tabletop that can tilt and adjust according to your requirements.

The drums of the drill press should be around 5-10 inches, which will be an ideal height for the working table. If you are an average height person, a standard drill press that is 35 inches tall will be suitable. For the floor drill press, it needs to stand at 45 inches above the floor. The height of the table is depended on the drill press that is being either installed or drilled. The best thing is that the table height keeps changing as soon as the materials for drilling change. You need to try and limit the stroke of quills when you are drilling, and the best idea would be to keep the drill a little closer to the floor’s surface. There is a proper pulley that can adjust to different angles and move without causing any problems.



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