What Is An Oscillating Drill Press?

(Last Updated On: June 18, 2020)

The drill press is typically used for drilling wood, metal and other sturdy materials. A powerful drill press can drill holes into any material without taking any time. There are two types of drill press available in the market that is the floor, and the other is benchtop. The floor drill press can handle more significant projects while the benchtop can work well for drilling purposes. The benchtop drill press doesn’t take up much space and is portable too. It will depend on your choice what you want to buy for yourself. Many people are interested in buying a drill which is suitable for both sanding and drilling. If you are interested in purchasing an oscillating drill press here is what you need to know.

Features Of An Oscillating Drill Press

One of the most significant features of an oscillating drilling press is that it has got the sanding capability. You can convert it from a simple drilling operation to sanding operations without any difficulty. Some drill presses don’t have this added benefit, and this drill press adds a lot of convenience to the users. It will just take a few tool-free steps, and the sanding operation will be handled in a matter of a few seconds.

You can control the speed of the drill press and customize it according to your work requirements. It has got a couple of speed settings and mostly the highest level of speed settings is 16. Drill presses are not meant to be portable items, so it is better to get a massive drill press as it is more efficient. You will tackle different projects, especially when you are dealing with heavy-duty metals.

The oscillating drill press has more speed, power and more control. It is the most efficient tool for more substantial use, and it comes packed with a table. The table has a clearance hole which can be used while you are sanding. The oscillating drill press has an amazing and unique design which involves a dust collection port. Your sanding job becomes less messy, and you will handle it with more perfection. The best quality is that this drilling machine is suitable for both drilling and sanding processes.

The table can be tilted to a 90-degree angle, and you can accommodate the height according to your requirements. When you are cutting some soft or moist materials, it may require the table beneath. Once you remove the table from the base of the drill press, it can be efficiently used for drilling or sanding—the 12-speed drill press doubles to work as an oscillating sander as well as natural contouring of sand.

You can convert the drill press from drilling to sanding in a matter of few seconds. The oscillation feature will help to reduce the level of heat buildup. If you want a smooth finishing when sanding all the elements will gather to help you out. They can be mounted with benchtop or on the floor, which makes it easy for the user to use them according to their needs.



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