What To Look For In A Wall Chaser? Buying Guide

(Last Updated On: August 3, 2020)

There are many wall chasers available in the market, and it can tough to figure out which can be a perfect choice for cutting bricks and masonry. The homeowners, handymen, and hobbyists are not very familiar when it comes to wall chasers because they are not commonly used. You need to have some necessary details before purchasing the best wall chaser. The chaser vendors are limited in number, and they should know what features a wall chaser should have. In this buying guide, we will discuss what to look for in a wall chaser.


The best wall chasers feature world-class blades for cutting processes. Some models are equipped with diamond blades while other wall chasers feature abrasive blades. Both types of blades have accurate depths and widths, suitable for cutting bricks, plastic, blocks, and different pipes. The blades should be made with quality materials to play an essential role while operating with them. If the blades are sturdy and sharp they will be the right choice for plumbing and electrical installations.

Dust Extraction System

The wall chasers that have a dust extraction system will offer a lot of benefits to the user. It will increase the life span of the machine and protect the health of the users too. It would help if you had to wear safety masks as well as goggles to extra safety. The dust extraction systems are equipped inside the wall chasers in such a way that it can trap the dust while the machine is in use. The wall chasers require this feature if you want the operation to be safe and smooth.

Cutting Flexibility

You need to check the cutting flexibility of the wall chaser before purchasing it. The cutting depth should be wide enough to handle all the projects well. The cutting depth should be at least 0.98mm, or else the work of contractors of plumbers won’t work well. Many models give an option of installing an extra cutter, but that is if you are not satisfied with the working of this wall chaser. You can cut grooves in parallel because it can go up to 46mm wide, which is 1-13/16 inches. The cutting depth of the wall chasers varies from one model to the other and you have to decide what is a perfect choice for you.

Cutters & Disks

Many wall chasers come packed with cutters while others come equipped with disks. The wall chasers with disks are most commonly used among people, and there can be a total of two to six discs. Such models can handle a variety of cutting tasks while the wall chasers with disks have soft blades that are suitable for cutting soft materials only. You can only cut wood or plaster but cannot be used on concrete or stone wall. The machine should be powerful enough to handle small as well as big tasks with ease. The cutting depth of the machine should be 5-75mm; it will not be the right choice for anyone.



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