Why Choose A Top-Handle Chainsaw?

(Last Updated On: May 25, 2020)

A top handle chainsaw is a perfect choice for professionals and arborists. It is designed in such a way that it can cut trees quite easily. If you are looking for a chainsaw that is suitable for home use, then your requirements in choosing a saw will be different. The garden chainsaws cannot be used for professional purposes, but to make the most of a top-handle chainsaw, you need proper certification. In this buying guide, we will discuss why you have to choose a Top-handle chainsaw.

Suitable For Professionals & Arborists

The significant difference between a top-handle chainsaw and other saws is that it is designed with a rear handle on the top. It will allow smooth operation even when you use only one hand. The rear handle’s movement is fast, and a beginner may not be able to handle it. The best quality is that a top-handle chainsaw is very light in weight and compact. It will provide incredible balance and give your fingers an excellent grip so you can hold it well. These types of chainsaws are mostly used at heights, so the user has to be a perfect climber. Arborists have to climb towards the highest part of a tree before they start cutting it. The best thing is that it is light in weight, and the arborists can reach the top of the tree or any difficult spot with safety and high efficiency. The traditional rear handles can only be used in home gardens for cutting different plants or trees of small sizes. If you are a professional or arborist, purchasing a top-handle saw will become a necessity. You should wear a safety helmet and give proper protection to the eyes and ears. Most of the professionals also wear protective clothing and boots when they are handling this chainsaw. The arborists and tree cutters know that a top-handle chainsaw is the best in the industry. They are efficient and powerful enough to provide the best results. When you are purchasing a top-handle, you should select the one with the lowest vibrations and offer safety features.

Features Of A Top-handle Chainsaw

  • A top handle chainsaw boasts of powerful features, and some of them are mentioned below:
  • The top handle chainsaw has comfortable grips that come out in various sizes. It will provide maximum control to the user.
  • There are tech lite bars which are lighter than other traditional or conventional bars
  • The safety features are quite durable and will make things easy for the user
  • The air injection feature will help to maintain the performance of the filter and protect the saw from wear and tear.
  • There is a low vibration technology, and the strong engine will reduce emissions.


When you are operating a top- handle chainsaw, you have to make sure that the safety requirements are kept in mind and used correctly. It would help if you inspected the chainsaw to ensure that it maintains excellent performance for a long time.



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